Újházi chicken soup 790,-
Clear meat soup with vermicelli 520,-
Clear meat soup with liver gnocchi  690,-
French onoin soup  690,-
Garlic cream soup  690,-
Nyírség dumpling soup  950,-
Mushroom soup with sour cream  670,-
Bean soup with smoked knuckle  890,-
Jókai bean suop (sausage, suor cream and smoked knuckle)  950,-
Hungarian kettle goulash  1200,-
Venison goulash soup Tyrolean style (with sour cream)  1950,-
Hungarian mutton goulash soup  1750,-


Hortobágy pancakes filled with meat  990,-
Fried button-mushrooms  850,-
Fried cheese  1150,-
Fried camambert with cranberry  1450,-
Beefsteak tatar (100 g) 2500,-

Easy dish

Chiken with wok vegetables 1690,-
Cezarsalad with fried chicken 1650,-
Vitamin salad (fresh vegetables, garlic, yoghurt sauce) 950,-
Greek salad (cucumber, tomato, olive) 1050,-

Pork dishes

Pork médaillions with smoked cheese souce and krokett 2590,-
Pork medaillions with mushrooms souce and Paste 2650,-
Crispy pork- trotters with onion potatos and red cabbage 2100,-
Pork trotters with mushroom-paste 2250,-
Pork médaillions in Hungarian style 2100,-
Gipsy roast (with garlic and bacon) 1750,-
“Akác” plate for two person (Cordon Bleu, fried mushrooms, pork cutlet with sauté, chicken liver, fried chicken) 4300,-
Fried pork cutlet 1450,-
Pork cutlet with sauté mushrooms or brainmushrooms 1650,-
Pork medaillons with bacon, fried onion, rösti potatoes, and spaghetti with mushrooms and cream 2690,-
Pork cutlet in „Óvár” style ( roasted with ham,cheese and mushrooms) 1950,-
Pork cutlet in „Budapest” style (chicken liver, peas, mushrooms, letcho) 1650,-
Pér robber’s roast (roast cutlet filled with onion, bacon and sausage) 1700,-
Cordon Bleu 1690,-
Polpetti in „Italia” style (Cordon Bleu with spaghetti milanese) 2550,-
Pork cutlet with goose liver ragout 3950,-
Pork cutlet stuffed and fried with goose liver 3950,-
Dish of assorted meats 2650,-
Pork cutlet in „Bakony” style(roast meat and ragout with mushrooms, bacon and sour cream) 1650,-
Dish of assorted grilledmeat(pork, chicken and csevab) 2100,-
Pork in "Chief" style (chicken liver, mushrooms, peas, wine) 2250,-


Hungarian stew of beef 1550,-
Hungarian stew of tripe 1550,-
Hungarian stew of tripe with brains or brains and mushrrom 1550,-
Beef steak (180gr) 3700,-
Beef steak with goose liver Sauce 6400,-
Beef steak in „Rossini” style (180gr) (roasted goose liver, mushrooms, brown sauce) 5900,-


Hungarian venison stew 2150,-
Roast venison with mushroomsauce 2650,-
 Roast venison in „Hunter” style (brown sauce, chicken liver and mushrooms) 2650,-


Stuffed turkey (ham, gorgonzola, spinach) 2350,-
Fried breast of turkey or turkey parisian style 1490,-
Cordon Bleu from breast of turkey 1700,-
 Breast of turkey in „Kiev” style (stuffed and fried with cheese and spiced butter) 1890,-
Breast of turkey in „Hawai” style (pineapple, ham and cheese) 1890,-
Stuffed chicken breast with peach 1540,-
Breast of turkey in „Pikant” style (stuffed and fried with bacon and smoked cheese) 2250,-
Breast of chicken in onion-cream sauce with roasted mais 2150,-
Fried or grilled goose liver (1 dkg) 260,-
Chicken with mozarella and tomato 1950,-
Slice of chicken fried with herb sauce and fried potatos 2150,-
Roasted chicken breast 1450,-
„Souflaki” (Robber’s meat from turkey, cabbage salad with
Tzaziki sauce, rice with tomatosauce and corns, and french fries)
Hungarian gizzard stew 1250,-

 Veal- and mutton dishes

Jumbo cutlet of veal (200g) with potatos 3950,-
Fried veal leg with sauce tartar 1650,-
Hungarian mutton stew 2350,-

Fish dishes

Catfisch with Paprikasouce with dill-cheese noodl 2540,-
Fisherman’s carp soup with carp 1550,-
Fisherman’s carp soup with catfish 2100,-
Fisherman’s carp soup with fish chitterlings 1950,-
Fried or grilled catfish 1750,-
Kipper roasted with basil sauce 2490,-
Fried or grilled trout 2550,-
Fried or roasted fillet of pike-perch 2450,-
Pike-perch fillet with almond, garlic and cream 2590,-


Cottage cheese paste with crackligs 1150,-
Spaghette Milanese 890,-
Wildmushrooms souce with Paste 1650,-

For kids

Crispy chicken slises with „smile” potatoes 770,-
Fried pork cutlet with french fries 790,-
Small Cordon Blue with „smile” potatoes 1000,-
Spagetti milanese 600,- 


Rice 350,-
Rice with peas 400,-
Rice with mushrooms 450,-
Potato croquettes 450,-
„Smile” potatoes 550,-
Fried potato in peel 450,-
„Rösti” potatoes 550,-
Fried potatoes 400,-
Mashed potatoes 450,-
French fries 450,-
Parsley potatoes 400,-
Steamed vegetables 550,-
Wok vegetables 600,-
Mixed garnish 500,-
Gnocci 400,-


Tartar sauce 350,-
Green pepper sauce 420,-
Cheese Sauce 490,-
Mushroom sauce with sour crem 690,-
Kechup (15 ml) 50,-

Homemade salads, Homemade pickles

Green salat with Oliv Oil 550,-
Lettuce salad 450,-
Cucumber salad 450,-
Cucumber salad with sour cream 450,-
Tomato salad 450,-
Mixed salad 450,-
Apple-shaped paprika 400,-
Cabbage salad 400,-
Mixed salad from the house 400,-
Pickled gherkins 400,-
Beetroot salad 400,-
Salted gherkins 400,-


Somlo sponge cake with wipped cream 790,-
„Vargabéles” (strudel filled with cottage cheese paste) 850,-
Mashed chestnut with whipped cream 750,-
Eisbecher 950,-
Cocoa pancake 490,-
Jam pancake 490,-
Nuts pancake 590,-
Cheese pancake 590,-
Nutella pancake 590,-
„Gundel” nuts and chocolate sauce 790,-
Cheese strudel 790,-
sour cherry strudel 790,-
One slice of bread 35,-

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